Summer Immersion Workshops

What is the Summer Immersion Workshop?
Every summer, the Columbus Math Teachers’ Circle holds a multiple-day workshop for educators and mathematicians. Here, participants of all grade levels work collaboratively with mathematicians to explore open-ended problem solving.

Pictures and video from past workshops:

NotebookTeam DiscussionTeam1

Grid QsStrategiesShuffle



Video from the Workshop:

Grid Power: We focused on participants generating questions about a situation.  Here, Bart and Sean prompt participants to think about mathematical questions that can be posed about a grid.  Responses ranged from “How many squares or rectangles are there on a page?” to “What does a planar grid look like on a 3-D surface?”

Rational Tangles: With two indistinguishable ropes and the operations of “twist” and “rotate”, participants were able to create a tangle then magically untangle the rope without being able to see it.  Lauren shows that even without being able to see the tangle simplify, mathematics allows us to get the rope back to its original state.

2 Responses to Summer Immersion Workshops

  1. Renee Walsh says:

    Is it possible to attend Day 1 of the Summer Immersion Workshop? I have a school related training on the 10th.

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